Visiting Researcher Program

For visiting scholars and postdocs:

Researchers who hold a Ph.D. may seek affiliation with the Department of Linguistics as Visiting Researchers. Visiting Researchers must have a faculty sponsor and pay a fee ($1400 per semester, $2,800 per year) for use of University facilities. Because the faculty are very busy with teaching, supervising graduate students and conducting their own research, only a few Visiting Researchers are accepted by faculty sponsors each year.

First, review Georgetown University’s Main Campus resource pages for Visiting Researchers for complete information about Visiting Researcher privileges and payment. Then review the list of Linguistics faculty and send your inquiry directly to the faculty member whose interests most closely match yours. If you are not sure which faculty member to approach, please send your inquiry to the Concentration Head in one of our 4 concentrations that most closely matches your area of interest: Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics or Theoretical Linguistics. Refer to our concentration pages to determine the appropriate Concentration Head.