Lab Spaces

There are several lab spaces in the Linguistics Department, which are located on the 2nd floor of the Bunn Intercultural Center (ICC). They include:

Linguistics Lab (ICC 201)

The Linguistics Lab provides faculty and students with access to a wide range of audio and video recording equipment, analysis software, stimulus presentation software, and other computing and printing resources. The lab has 3 computers, a sound attenuated booth, and is available for students to study and collect data. This lab can also be reserved for classes.

Data Acquisition Lab (ICC 233)

The Data Acquisition Lab provides facilities for phonetics and phonology research, as well as for conducting single or small group experiments or interviews. It also has stimulus presentation software for designing and running psycholinguistic experiments. This lab has 3 computers and may be reserved for data collection.

Observation Classroom (ICC 204a)

The Observation Classroom is equipped with two cameras, an omnidirectional ceiling microphone, and lavalier microphones, and connected to computer and video capture facilities in the Linguistics Lab to allow easy audio/video data collection, duplication and digitization. The Observation Classroom is designed for classroom research, or any other research in group processes. The Observation Classroom can be used for classroom teaching practica, and more generally to record the teaching of any class for subsequent analysis.

The access codes for each lab can be obtained by emailing the ling lab assistant.