Senior Honors Thesis

A select number of Linguistics majors are invited to write Honors Theses in their senior year. This selection is based on cumulative GPA in the spring semester of junior year.

Students interested in writing a thesis will submit a preliminary proposal. If approved, these students will participate in an Honors Thesis Seminar, write an Honors Thesis, and present their theses in a conference format.

2021 Senior Honors Theses

Jonathan Bigler-Lisch, “Queer” and the construction of meaning, ideology, and social categories

Mentor: Marissa Fond

Analena DeKlotz, Ideologies of Securitization in Collegiate Arabic Instruction

Mentor: Nicholas Subtirelu

Brianna Gist, The Impacts and Perceptions of French in Francophone Africa: A Sociolinguistic Study of Morocco and Cameroon

Mentor: Natalie Schilling

MacKenzie Grimm, LGBTQ+ Identities Amongst South African Language Communities

Mentor: Cynthia Gordon

Sasha Jovanovski, Vratničći: A descriptive grammar

Mentor: Alison Biggs

Camille Kurtz, “Pero, like”: Examining discourse marker frequency, function, and linguistic presentation as a measure for L2 Spanish proficiency

Mentor: Margaret Malone

Sarah Reed, Dark Winter Nights and the Alaskan Identity in Narrative

Mentor: Anna De Fina

Olivia Stevens, L2 French Speaking Proficiency Gains During Study Abroad: A CAF Analysis

Mentor: Margaret Malone

For an archive of past theses, please click here.