Past Theses

Class of 2016
Class of 2015
Class of 2014
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Class of 2010

Class of 2016

Ethan Beaman
Advisor: Amir Zeldes
This is Just a Formality: Analyzing Machine Translation for Formal Correctness

Marie Beasley
Advisor: Natalie Schilling
Assessing the Reliability of Surveys: Use of Surveys as a Source of Linguistic Authority in Criminal Cases

Emily Grau
Advisor: Lourdes Ortega
Resilience and the Refugee Learner: Trauma Exposure and Second Language Acquisition in Bhutanese Refugees

Jenna Grove
Advisor:  Mark Sicoli
I Am Who I Are: How Identity Construction Relates to Non-Standard Grammar in Music Lyrics

Michelle Klein
Advisor:  Jennifer Sclafani
Constructions of Power in Women’s Rap: A Qualitative Analysis of Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim’s Lyrics

Katerina Maylock
Advisor:  Cynthia Gordon
“I have a girl brain but a boy body”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Representation of Transgender Individuals in English Picture Books

Raquel Rosenbloom
Advisor:  Anastasia Nylund
The EFL Experience: Factors Impacting Second Language Acquisition, Identity, and Motivation among Georgetown EFL Students

Lena Rothfarb
Advisor:  Lourdes Ortega
"I don't think anyone actually speaks Standard English as a dialect": An Investigation into Teacher Perceptions of their Students’ Speech

Sarah Smith
Advisor: Cynthia Gordon
I Gotchu Man *Insert GIF Here: How Coworkers Blend Work and Play Frames in Groupme Communication

Class of 2015

John Davis
Advisor: Elissa Newport
Linguistic Productivity and Where it Fails: an Empirical Test of the Tolerance Principle

Holly DiClemente
Advisor: Cynthia Gordon
Father Knows Best?: How Adult Daughters and Their Fathers Negotiate Expert Status in Conversation

Aidan Dugan
Advisor: Aubrey Logan-Terry
Repairing (interactional) Trouble on the Front Lines: An Analysis of Multimodal Repetition in U.S. Military Contexts

Stefan Gavriloski
Advisor: Elizabeth Zsiga
Japanese Vowel Devoicing by English L2 Learners

Lauren McGarry
Advisor: Ruth Kramer
Concord in East Slavic Numerical Constructions: A Cross-linguistic Assessment of Pesetsky 2013

Katherine Murray
Advisor: Jennifer Sclafani
"I Grew up Knowing how to Talk Female:" Navigating Transmasculine Gender Identities through Communicative Changes

Candice Penelton
Advisor: George Wilson
Optimizing Coreference Resolution Systems for Dialogues

Travis Richardson
Advisor: Heidi Hamilton
Gender (Re)Assignment: How German Speakers Approach Grammatical Gender Differently

Katarina Starcevic
Advisor: Anastasia Nylund
"We are making strides:” Pronominal Variation and Audience Design in America's Horse Racing Industry

Class of 2014


Class of 2013

Anna Drabek
Advisor: Jennifer Nycz
Linguistic Identity in Advertising: Multinational Corporations and the Bilingual Context of Belgium

Marie-Sophie Guntram
Advisor: Heidi Hamilton
Perception of Teenagers' Speech in the German Secondary School System: An Experimental Study

Tyler Holl
Advisor: Heidi Hamilton
Homophobic Slang and the Linguistic Construction of a New Gay Male Identity

Allison Melendez 
Advisor: Elizabeth Zsiga
Pitch Range of Mandarin Tones in Native English Speakers

Helen Rave
Advisor: Mark Sicoli
Gender Differences in Romantic Comedy Speech


Class of 2012

Jacqueline Fogarty
Advisor: Deborah Tannen
Lead dogs and sisters of swing: The role of gender in the language of coxswains

Kelly Phillips
Advisor: Heidi Hamilton
Fighting cancer and face threats: Establishing solidarity in an online cancer support blog community

Anne Weitzenkorn
Advisor: Jeff Connor-Linton
The negotiation of all-male friendship: Interaction between the cultural discourses of dominance and male solidarity


Class of 2011

Jessie Chiang
Advisor: Shaligram Shukla
Doing as the Romans Did: Politeness in Cicero's Pro Roscio Amerino

Alexandria Crampton
Advisor: Jeff Connor-Linton
Learning to Teach English Language Learners: A Study of Professional Development for Teach For America Corps Members


Class of 2010

Elizabeth BalLance
Advisor: Heidi Hamilton
How doctors initiate discussion with families about end-of-life care in the context of a bad prognosis

Lauren Cucarola
Advisor: Robert Podesva
Actors and athletes: Terms of address and masculinity in all-male communities of practice

Heidi Getz
Advisor: Alison Mackey
'Un espace plurilangue': Three case studies of instructor English use in advanced foreign language classrooms.

Christie Gibbons
Advisor: Robert Podesva
Increased [s] duration and [+anterior] [s] production by stereotypically gay characters in Mexican media

Nicholas A Miller
Advisor: James Alatis
The Action Plan to Cultivate "Japanese with English Abilities": Evaluating language policy effectiveness

Mariel Pullman
Advisor: Michael Ullman
Language and procedural memory in ADHD

Hannah R. Yates
Advisor: Deborah Tannen
Negotiating a relationship: Shifting alignments in a father's letters to his daughter

Sam Zukoff
Advisor: Shaligram Shukla
Reduplication and initial-vowel lengthening in the Ancient Greek perfect-tense