Accelerated Master’s programs for Georgetown Linguistics majors

The Department of Linguistics offers 5 Accelerated Master’s degree options to Georgetown students majoring in Linguistics. Linguistics majors can begin working towards their Master’s degree while completing their BA, which typically allows students to finish their Master’s requirements in only one post-graduate year. With careful course planning, this can result in significant tuition savings for a Master’s degree.

How does it work? l Application Process

How does it work?

1. Applications to all Accelerated Master’s programs are due January 15 of your junior year. You will be notified of an admissions decision later in spring. Accelerated Master’s students are not required to take the GRE.

2. The Accelerated Master’s allows you to double-count 2 graduate-level linguistics courses for both your BA and Master’s degree, saving you 6 credits of graduate tuition. In most cases, “Tier III” courses required for the Linguistics major will meet these requirements and can be double-counted.

3. Up to 2 additional graduate-level Linguistics courses can be applied to the Accelerated Master’s degree if such courses are above and beyond those required by the College for the BA and the Department for your Linguistics major. This means you would plan to take 2 graduate-level courses beyond the 10 Linguistics courses required for the Linguistics major and earn at least 126 credits instead of the minimum of 120 required to graduate with your BA. A shorthand reminder is “12 LING classes and 126 credits” in order to take advantage of this additional graduate tuition savings. In general, early graduate credit of this sort is needed to finish the Master’s in what is typically your “fifth year”.

4. Students in the Accelerated program must meet all coursework and degree requirements for the Master’s program to which they have been admitted. Please consult the Graduate Student Handbook for particular program requirements. Credit for coursework can be earned through a combination of double-counted courses (6 credits), courses above and beyond those required for the BA degree (up to 6 credits), and courses taken after the BA degree has been completed.

5. Students pursuing the Accelerated MA in Language & Communication or Accelerated MS in Computational Linguistics may not choose the 24-credit option.

Application Process

1. This is an honors program. Linguistics majors with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 both overall and in the major are eligible to apply for the program.
2. Discuss the program with your advising Dean and/or the Director of Undergraduate Studies and fill out the Graduate School application by the application deadline of your junior year (typically January 15).
3. The application consists of: the completed application form, your transcript, 3 letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and a writing sample. You do not need to take the GRE.