The Linguistics Department offers an undergraduate major degree (BA) and minor as well as graduate master’s (MS, MA) and Ph.D. degrees.

Undergraduate. The undergraduate major (new window) consists of 10 courses; the minor consists of 6 courses. A minor in Cognitive Science is also available.

Graduate. The master’s degrees are 2-year programs. An Accelerated Master’s (new window) option is also available to Georgetown undergraduates for a combined 5-year degree. The Ph.D. degree consists of 3 years of coursework followed by dissertation research, with the option to receive a master’s in passing after the first 2 years. Ph.D. students are admitted with a generous funding package (tuition/stipend/health insurance) and gain experience through teaching/research assistantships.

The MA program is the Master’s in Language and Communication (MLC) (new window).

Graduate students in the MS and Ph.D. programs undertake a specialized course of study in one of the following concentrations (new window):

Applicants to the Ph.D. program are encouraged to identify prospective research advisors, at least one of whom should be in the concentration listed on the application. After entering the program, Ph.D. students may elect to add a minor in a second one of these concentrations [new policy effective Nov. 2022]. An interdisciplinary (second) concentration in Cognitive Science (new window) is also available to Ph.D. students.

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