Minoring in a second concentration (PhD students)

[New policy effective spring 2023]

Ph.D. students with interests bridging two areas may pursue a deeper specialization in a second concentration by adding it as a minor. Adding a minor requires a plan of cross-disciplinary advising, coursework, and research. Interested students should plan and apply for a minor during the second, third, or fourth semester of the program.

Requests to minor require a plan of study describing how the student will pursue a significant depth of coursework in at least one sub-area of linguistics falling within the minor concentration and achieve proficiency in research methods used in that area. In order to allow for this extra coursework, students accepted to a minor may request to waive, with their advisor’s support, up to two courses required in their primary concentration. Further details about the process are described in the Graduate Handbook. Please consult with the DGS for more information.