Prof. Hamilton presents on ‘Interactional Sociolinguistics as a Tool for Social Justice’

Linguistics Professor Heidi Hamilton’s presentation on ‘Interactional sociolinguistics as a tool for social justice’ is now available on the Georgetown IMS YouTube channel. The talk was presented as part of the of panel on Social Justice across Five Discourse Analysis Approaches: Choices and Possibilities, convened by Prof. Anna De Fina of the Georgetown Italian and Linguistics Departments for the Social Justice, Language Diversity, and Globalization Research training workshop hosted by the Initiative for Multilingual Studies (IMS) at Georgetown University in October of 2019.

The IMS is a collaborative effort among faculty and students across different departments and programs at Georgetown. It supports its members in the design, funding, conduct, and communication of research about the benefits of multilingualism in neurocognitive, academic, economic, personal, social, and geopolitical domains, and the misunderstanding and mismanagement of multilingualism, particularly in vulnerable communities. It is directed by Linguistics Professor Lourdes Ortega.

Dr. Hamilton teaches courses in discourse analysis and applications of interactional sociolinguistics. Her research interests focus on issues of discourse and Alzheimer’s disease, language and aging, and health discourse.