Are you fascinated by constructed languages like Dothraki and Valyrian (Game of Thrones), Klingon (Star Trek), and Na’vi (Avatar)?

The Georgetown Linguistics Department is pleased to announce KOPIKON, a unique, free, one-day conference featuring the world’s most famous constructed language creators on Saturday, Sept. 23 in Copley Formal Lounge. KOPIKON is being billed as a world-first event bringing together all of Hollywood’s most successful language creators and linguists in a star-studded lineup.

Kopikon will also feature a short musical interlude by two world-renowned musicians who create music for blockbuster video game franchises such as Halo, Assassin’s Creed, God of War, and more. Songs selected for performance will be sung in languages constructed by the linguists in attendance, including Dothraki. 

Tickets are very limited. For more information, including registration updates and the conference schedule, visit the Kopikon website.