Research-based Undergraduate Linguistics Experience (RULE)

PhD student Alexandra Pfiffner and undergraduate Ryan Mannion working on their GULRAP project

The Research-based Undergraduate Linguistics Experience(RULE) is a course (LING 202) that pairs undergraduate students with PhD students carrying out linguistics research. This pairing provides graduate students with research advising and mentoring experience and gives undergrads the opportunity to participate in original linguistics research as research assistants. Applications are solicited a few weeks before the start of each semester. Research mentor/mentee teams for Fall 2020 are below (needs update):

  • Bertille Baron with Ivy Wang on “Transcribing and annotating Ikpana texts”
  • Alexandra Pfiffner with Siyu Liang on “Word-final Obstruent Devoicing in Minnesotan English”
  • Ashleigh Pipes with Xuyang Zhang and Emile Zahr on “Examining Cognitive Creativity as an Individual Difference in Second Language Production”
  • Sakol Suethanapornkul with Benjamin Liu on “Statistical Learning of Predictive Dependencies of Tense-Aspect System in an Artificial Language by English And Thai L1 Adults”
  • Mark Visona with Emily Schluper and Peyton Shelbourne on “The Representation of Talk and Thought in Truthful, Deceptive, and “Naturalistic” Online Hotel Reviews”
  • Lindley Winchester with Shane Quinn and Caroline Cosovich on “The morphosyntax of the Maltese DP”