Georgetown Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program

The Georgetown undergraduate research apprenticeship program (GULRAP) pairs undergraduate linguistics majors with PhD students carrying out linguistics research. This pairing provides graduate students with research advising and mentoring experience and gives undergrads the opportunity to participate in original linguistics research. Applications are solicited a few weeks before the start of each semester. Research mentor/mentee pairs for Fall 2018 are below:

Maddie Oakley with Katherine Russell and Ingrid Lillis on "Ultrasound tongue imaging and the L2 acquisition of French vowels" and "Acoustic analysis of tone and labials in Guébie"

Maya Barzilai with Emily Schluper on "Acoustic Salience in Immediate Serial Recall"

Lindley Winchester with Caroline Immroth on "The Morphosyntax of the Maltese DP"

Lara Bryfonski with Dulce Perez Briones on "Task-Based Teacher Training: Implementation and Evaluation in Honduran Bilingual Schools"

Bertille Baron with Ivy Wang on "Translating Ikpana texts"

Alexandra Pfiffner with Ryan Mannion on "Final Obstruent Devoicing in Minnesota"

Jahurul Islam with Kareeda Kabir on "Phonetics and phonology of ‘voiced-aspirated’ stops: Evidence from production, perception, alternation and learnability"

Minnie Quartey with Jonathan Bigler-Lisch on "Transcribing and Extracting Vowels for African American Language"

Ashleigh Pipes with Molly Cooke on "Examining Cognitive Creativity as an Interlocutor Individual Difference"